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Online Dating Agencies

Here at Online Dating Agencies you are not only offered access to some of the best and maybe the worst Internet dating sites and online dating agencies on the net today, but  also access to some of the best free and yes you have to pay for it dating and relationship advice.

We know you want to know if Online Dating Agencies are a scam or not and if they will really work for you in your quest for lasting love?

Optimized 10 Online Dating AgenciesWe completely understand how you feel because while looking for at reviews of Online Dating Agencies and Internet dating sites We have came across some shocking story’s. We have done our best to check out most sites but things can change fast so it you feel a site We have listed is a scam or if its great feel free to contact me with your feed back.

The number of men and women scamming people that only wanted someone to love was unbelievable. The attitude of some of the online dating agencies was discussing as well, It was like they didn’t care once they got your money. In fact the complaints about some of them are heart breaking.

How to protect yourself from being ripped off by Online Dating Agencies

So We have done some research into how to protect yourself from being ripped off and put it into a download-able Report for you.

Just enter your first name and main email address in the form on the RIGHT and We will send you the report plus the two other Free reports on “101 Romantic Ideas” and how to have the “Best Sex Ever”.

After you have read the PDF on “Online Dating Agencies, Do and Don’t” come back and find that true love the safe way.

Now stop reading here and fill in the form to the left. We just needs to write a few more words here to keep the search engines happy, so why are you still here? Bookmark this page, Fill in the form and go read the report. Its not to long. We hate reading long reports.

How to get a BJ

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Get a BJ Tonight

How to get a BJ. So you want to know how to get more Blow Jobs from the misses. I’m going to send you to a video that will show you how to get a  BJ and more.
The video  shows you the real reason she almost never gives you a BJ (and why she doesn’t enjoy it when she does), why many women secretly LOVE giving BJ and how to use simple tricks women LOVE to turn her into a “Blow Job Queen” who gets as much pleasure out of giving you a BJ as you get out of getting a BJ.

The techniques in this video are so simple ANYBODY can use them to get astonishing results (watch the video to learn how one guy’s story of how his girlfriend gave him a hummer while driving on the highway after using just ONE technique, and one woman’s WEIRD — and very sexy — reaction when she discovered her husband had “tricked” her into giving him a BJ.) He now knows how to get a BJ.

Remember to watch the entire video. The end of it may shock you.

The video will tell you about the Oral Fixation System, A flash way of saying : How to get a BJ

Here are some comments from people that have watched the video on how to get a BJ.

After going through Oral Fixation, I turned my girlfriend on so much that SHE had an orgasm.

I guess what I was telling her as she was down on her knees REALLY turned her on.

That was the first time I experienced that with my girlfriend, so thanks Mike.

You and ALL the women in your program really helped take my relationship to the next level.

— Brandon, Ottawa

My current GF happens to fall into the category of ‘I don’t like to go down on guys’.

I’ve tried to shrug it off for the most part… but come on I love getting a BJ every now and then (really all the time), especially when I do my part of going down on her.

Regardless, after going through Michael’s material I was blown away.

The simplicity of the system, and the step-by-step approach completely makes sense. While my woman is still in the reprogramming stage so to speak, one of points mentioned in the guide was alone was this for me. I’m in particular referring to “What Do You Want Me To Do To You?” game. This by far has transformed our sexual relationship in one weekend!

In a nutshell this is a must read for all guys, as it’s sure to transform your relationship as a whole (and of course at the same time satisfying your BJ urges).

— Frank Shah

I am not sure why this product has focused on “oral fixation” only, because the principles taught can be applied to making your lover feel great about doing anything in bed with you.

There are some real special tips throughout this course that will equip you in having a great relationship with your partner and keep her interested in you.

The interview with Isabel is a “proper bonus” which you must listen to. It lays the foundations for an outstanding relationship out of the bedroom which is surely where foreplay starts!

— T.V.

Michael – thanks for the great program, ‘Oral Fixation.’ I’ve been married for 4 years and my wife has admitted that one of the advantages of marriage is that she’d never have to do certain things in the bedroom, such as go down on me.

After reviewing your program and taking the steps you suggested, I am happy to report that she’s not only more ‘giving’ in bed, she’s acting like she did when we were first dating.

In fact, on a recent road trip, as I’m driving down the freeway at 80 mph, my wife decided I needed my own oral fixation right then and there. Yes, my wife of 4 years gave me an amazing highway hummer, which hadn’t happened in, well… more than 4 years. Thanks again for helping us rekindle our relationship and bringing back the girl I married.

— Robert Johnson, Dallas, TX

Watch the video on : How to get a BJ


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How to get a BJ. So you want to know how to get more Blow Jo…


Optimized metrodateasian Metrodate.com asian

Go to Asian Singles now

Metrodate.com/asian is a member of the Metrodate group of websites. At present Metrodate’s parent company True Communication Inc has an A+ rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) but they are not BBB Accredited, which isn’t a problem. BBB have had no complaints about True Communication, Inc for the past 3 years. The only complaint I could find was from a war veteran looking for a woman to settle down with but all the women he met through metrodate.com wanted to do was have fun as he put it.

Metrodate.com/asian Registration

Metrodate.com/asian the registration form is quick and easy to fill out. The home page has some great resources on the bottom of the page, like what the free membership includes, yes it is free. Plus a great local city guide. The only problem I had with the local city guide was that it was displaying information about the city where my web server is not where I am. But it’s an easy fix. Just use the “Not in …..? Button at the top of the page.
Check out the Help and the language tabs. The help tab will lead you to most of the things you are looking for. I recommend that you check this out before you do any thing else. And I’m impressed by the selection of languages as well.

Metrodate.com/asian Protection

Not a lot of information could be found on how Metrodate.com/asian keeps the creeps away but they do have some excellent advice from a Dr Debbie. I was impressed. I fact I’m very impressed with Metrodate.com/asian
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Metrodate.com-asian4.333333333333333Graeme2012-06-09 11:29:14

Go to Asian Singles now

Metrodate.com/asian is a member of the Metr…

Attraction Transformation for Men

Maybe you have big questions that need to be answered POINT-BLANK about women? Do you want to completely reshape your success and happiness with the opposite sex … from the ground floor up? Do you need a Attraction Transformation? Have you ever wondered whats it takes to truly be unstoppably confident in ALL situations around women, how to cure your FEAR of ladies, and how to put paid to each and every one of your insecurities and hang-ups forever? You need a Attraction Transformation.

Optimized UATmen Attraction Transformation for Men

Get your Ultimate Attraction Transformation

Ultimate Attraction Transformation What is it?

The Ultimate Attraction Transformation is a 12 part series of  initial steps towards not only altering your success with women, but completely transforming it.
Here’s a brief description of what you’ll learn in part one of this cutting-edge, life-changing 12-part course on ATTRACTION TRANSFORMATION and exactly how it works …

  • The facts on how to be ‘authentically alpha’ … an exclusive interview with Carlos Xuma
  • How to overcome your appearance hang-ups (never feel insecure around a woman, from now on!)
  • Gain the confidence you need to take things to the ‘next level’ with the opposite sex without sabotaging your success with doubts, anxieties, or uncertainty
  • Expert sex guidelines for guys .. a whole ‘sealed section’ of foolproof ways for you to ‘rock her world’ in bed.
  • Relationship management: how to keep your relationship improving and getting fresher each day
  • A special interview from Brad Howard (of the Adonis Index) on exactly how to achieve the body that draws women in just like a TRACTOR BEAM

And thats only part 1 of the Ultimate Attraction Transformation series.
And don’t worry. This isn’t about learning a whole bunch of ‘tricks and techniques’ which work like a band-aid over the REAL issue. This is about getting in touch with your own authentic masculinity … and discovering how to utilize it to your advantage with the ladies.
No more jargon, learned material, or pretending to be what you’re not. This is your chance discover how to ‘be the real you’ … in a way that literally magnetizes the women of your dreams!cise?”

Sign up for the Ultimate Attraction Transformation Now

Attraction Transformation for Men4.5Graeme2011-08-02 07:56:12Maybe you have big questions that need to be answered POINT-BLANK about women? Do you want to completely reshape your success and happiness with the o…


Asian Singles Connection, Just who are they and what do they offer.

Optimized asiansingle AsianSinglesConnection.com

Go To asiansingleconnection Now

First off they are part of the Sparks Network. They have an A+ rating from BBB but there is a warning attached to Sparks Network. More on that later.

AsianSinglesConnection.com is an online dating service for the English speaking Asian communities, but I’m sure you will find many a mother tongue speaker among members of this site. For an Asian dating website it’s a bit of a bore, well the main sign in page is. Now AsianSinglesConnection.com does let you browse for free. Read the fine print.

If you want to use AsianSinglesConnection.com services then you need to pay the monthly fee which is not too bad but once you sign up it can be a bit of a hassle to cancel. As you sign in for the first time they ask you all the usual questions to set up your personal profile. It’s fun and easy. Just answer questions about yourself including your likes and dislikes. Include information on what sort of person you would like to meet as well as what type of relationship you are looking for. As with any Internet dating site it’s recommended you also include a recent photo of yourself. Your profile will be used to link others who are compatible and looking for a similar type of relationship to you. You will be notified of these members. You can then choose to communicate with them or not. (This service is part of the membership fee) You can do so by email and by instant messaging. Once you have set up your own profile, you will have the opportunity to explore the thousands of profiles of others. You can communicate with any of them you are interested in as well.

The AsianSinglesConnection.com online community is dedicated to helping Filipino, Korean, Chinese and other Asian men and women to meet singles in a comfortable online environment.
Negative Features
• The matching system gives you an “ideal match percentage” for each profile you view. This percentage is provided even on profiles for which members have not provided very detailed information, making the percentage a potentially unreliable feature

Asiansinglesconnection.com aim is using the site is a wonderful experience for all its members. They carefully monitor emails, chat rooms, and message boards. They will ban anyone who uses profanity, vulgarity, or appears to be asking for personal information from other members, and who appears to be running a scam.
Be sure to see The Romantic Detective’s video on this and other ways to be safe online.
The Romantic Detective recommends that you explore the site’s features when you browse, view which members are currently online first and see whether there’s someone who does it for you.

Main Features:
• The site focuses on Asian dating
• The registration process is simple
• Free and Premium memberships are available
• There is no advertising
• Reasonable pricing
• Photo uploads
• Chats, forums, mailbox, IM are available
• Personalized smilies
• Proprietary E-Cards
• Advanced search facilities
• Free Hartman Color Code Personality Profile
Is free and allows use of the sites basic features however to take advantage of all of the features you should up grade your membership to either 1 month, 3 months or 6 months, the best value for money being a 6 month membership. Again read the fine print.

Complainants against AsianSinglesConnection.com parent company allege deceptive sales practices, unauthorized credit card charges, and difficulty cancelling services. Most customers complain they agree to a trial period, or one month of service, but continue to receive additional statements, charges to credit cards, or debits to accounts even though they had followed cancellation instruction.

Optimized blueTRD AsianSinglesConnection.comThe Romantic Detective

AsianSinglesConnection.com3.0833333333333335Graeme2011-06-30 05:51:34Asian Singles Connection, Just who are they and what do they offer.
[caption id=”attachment_859″ align=”alignleft” width=”150″ caption=”Go To asiansi…


Optimized asiaff AsiaFriendfinder.com

Go to asiafriendfinder.com Now

AsiaFriendfinder.com is a member of the vast friendfinder group of websites. At present AsiaFriendfinder.com has an A rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau) but they are not BBB Accredited, which isn’t a problem. For the number of people that use asiafriendfinder.com the amount of complaints is small and of those complaints less than 10% at present BBB where not happy with the outcome.


AsiaFriendfinder.com Registration

AsiaFriendfinder.com the registration form is quick and easy to fill out, the only problem I had was the lack of information on the first few web pages. But if you click the Help by the language tab then you will find most of the things you are looking for. I recommend that you check this out before you do any thing else.

AsiaFriendfinder.com does offer a variety of different membership packages. The standard membership is free. As a Standard member, you can chat, send instant messages, and browse through their database of singles profiles. You also have access to AsiaFriendfinder.com own interactive Magazine, where you can post or answer advice questions or post poetry and articles.
If you want to speed up your search, you can get one of their premium memberships. Premium membership’s offer far more privileges but do cost.

AsiaFriendfinder.com Protection

AsiaFriendfinder.com only requires a valid email address in order to become a member of this site, so there are no extensive background checks on members. Please use your common sense and be careful about giving out personal information to people you meet on this or any other dating site.
Should any member of the site be found guilty of abuse or harassing other members, they will do their best at finding the person who is causing the problems; with the help of that member’s ISP (Internet Service Provider), such people will be permanently banned from membership on the AsiaFriendfinder.com site.

Optimized blueTRD e1308908248938 AsiaFriendfinder.comThe Romantic Detective

AsiaFriendfinder.com4Graeme2011-06-30 05:50:59

Go to asiafriendfinder.com Now

AsiaFriendfinder.com is a member of th…

Flirt.com – Join for free

flirt Flirt.com    Join for freeOnline dating used to be a serious affair, and in some cases it was clumsy and difficult to make use of with much success. Looking at some of the traditional dating sites that are still dragging their feet today, you could say that it’s easy to see why this was. In this day and age, online dating has moved from being a service that catered for a small section of society to one which is much more mainstream and popular. It’s ground breaking dating sites such as Flirt.com which are responsible for this sea change.
Flirt.com provides an online dating service where members can chat, develop friendships and interact and get to know each other in many ways before stepping up to a looking for a date. The fresh approach of Flirt.com has seen it grow and grow into its current status as one of the largest online dating sites in the world today.
Flirt.com offers its members many features, including thousands of member profiles, live chat, video profiles, social networking links to Facebook et al., an innovative points system that rates and rewards users for their interactivity, and much, much more. On top of this the site is also available on mobile phones as the Flirt.com Android app. This app gives the user access to everything that the standard site offers directly from their mobile or smart phone.
Flirt.com takes the best tried and tested formulas and adds its own spin on things, pushing for a site with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that promotes user interaction and community spirit as much as one to one dating. This approach is a great way of fostering a warm hearted and inviting environment for new users and those that find online dating to be stressful and worry inducing.

Flirt.com – Join for free4.333333333333333Graeme2011-11-18 07:47:43Online dating used to be a serious affair, and in some cases it was clumsy and difficult to make use of with much success. Looking at some of the trad…

Why Men Pull Away

What is the reason why men pull away?

Let’s start with the first date or even before that the first conversation.
The first conversation can make or break the future of the potential relationship. In other words, the goal of the “first” conversation should be to make it stimulating enough for the other person to want a “second” hello to I do Why Men Pull Awayconversation – and this doesn’t happen by gathering “statistics” about the person. Maybe that’s why men pull away from you.
Here is what I mean: Many women who find themselves on the search for “the one” strike up casual conversations with potential suitors and only ask “interview style” questions.

  • “What do you do?”
  • “How long have you worked there?”
  •  “Where are you from?”
  • “What brings you here?”

While these types of questions are okay to ask, they fail to make the conversation stimulating and memorable for both parties.

Men have been told from day one if you want a woman than ask her questions so she will talk about herself. So let him do his thing, if you always come on too strong maybe that’s why men pull away, but if it gets quite. Help the man out by asking him a few open ended questions, because believe it or not men do like to talk about themselves as well. Then the key to getting a man to want that “second” conversation with you is dig a little deeper. This simply means that you need to use the first conversation to ask about his passions and interests. Not his job. Believe me; you’ll get a far better picture of a man by asking about his interests, as opposed to his job history!

If you want the “first” conversation to result in a “second” conversation, make the first one memorable by digging deeper and finding out more about the guy than what’s listed on his resume. If you go around interviewing men maybe that’s why men pull away.

To See The Video and Read the Book on “How to go from Hello to I Do” Click Here.

Why Men Pull Away From Marriage

Let’s jump forward in time from that first conversation. You have been dating awhile and you feel its time for that sought after wedding ring. So you issue the ultimatum.
A reason why men pull away is the ultimatum. Using an ultimatum to get that wedding ring on your finger is like committing relationship suicide. If you feel the need to present your boyfriend with an ultimatum concerning your relationship then there is something wrong.

Ok the waiting game can drive you to desperation especially if you have been waiting a year or two. Desperation can lead to threats! Your desperation could be why men pull away.
Yes, ultimatum is just a fancy word for “threat”.  Women who throw marriage ultimatums at their boyfriends obviously don’t realize that this kind of pressure and “all or nothing” attitude commonly results in the demise of the relationship.

When is an ultimatum acceptable? Only when you are ready to deal with the truth and act on the response! If you give your boyfriend the “now or never” speech then you best be prepared to pack your bags and leave if he comes back with a “never” response. Staying in a relationship after he says “never” will only result in your losing all credibility and leverage in the relationship.
The ultimatum maybe why men pull away from you.

There is a much better way to get him to pop the question WITHOUT using threats and dangerous ultimatums.


The top ten online dating lies told by women

Top ten lies told by women:

1. Weight (losing a few pounds)
2. Age (losing a few years)
3. Physique (toned)
4. Height
5. Money
6. Bust (gaining proportions)
7. Glamorous profession
8. Knowing celebrities
9. Having a PA
10. Working in entertainment

Women lie about their looks on their profile. A third of women also lie about their jobs by making them sound more interesting.
Women are also prone to lie about the size of their bust, pretend to work in entertainment and also claim to be friendly with celebrities to make themselves seem more attractive.
Lying about their weight was top of the list for women as well as pretending to work in entertainment, marketing and finance when it can to careers.
But in a sign that with age comes acceptance, the older people got, the less likely they were to be untruthful about their appearance and how much they earned.

The top ten online dating lies told by men

The truth has finally been told that men lie more on their profile than women. Men are prone to adding a few inches to their height and removing a few from their belly or adding a few to their shoulders.
Over 40 per cent of men admit to adding a few more numbers to their earnings to make their jobs sound more interesting.
Pretending to know celebrities, claiming to work in the film industry or making out they have a PA are also among men’s top ten lies.
Pretending to work in health-care, finance and the film industry were the top three lied-about professions for men.
But in a sign that with age comes acceptance, the older people get, the less likely they are to be untruthful about their appearance and how much they earned.

The top ten lies told by men:

1. Job (better than it is)
2. Height (taller)
3. Weight (losing or gaining a few pounds)
4. Physique (athletic)
5. Money
6. More senior than they really are at work
7. Interesting profession
8. Knowing celebrities
9. Having a PA
10. Working in the film industry

Internet Dating Conwoman Caught

40 Internet Dating Conwoman Caught

Click to Background check your online date

This story from my part of the world goes to show you its not just men preying on lonely women but women preying on lonely men as well. I find this madding when all people want is someone to love and others just rip them off.

A conniving Southland conwoman who met her partner on an internet dating site and ripped him off to the tune of $48,000 has been sentenced to eight months’ home detention.

Judge Kevin Phillips yesterday condemned the actions of 45-year-old Tisbury sickness beneficiary Diane Louise Boyd, saying she was a thoroughly dishonest and conniving conwoman who had a history of targeting vulnerable men and using their finances to her advantage.

“This woman got this man through an [internet] dating site, as she has in the past, and got hold of his finances and ripped him off,” the judge said.

She attempted to minimise her offending by making disparaging and inflammatory statements about her victims, the judge added.

Boyd took control of her 56-year-old victim’s finances after meeting him on the NZDating internet site and getting into a relationship with him.

She accrued $48,000 debt for the man, who had to borrow $25,000 to pay back bills.

Boyd was using the money to feed her gambling addiction, the judge said. The offending had had a major effect on her victim and his family and friends, “because you cut him off from them and that was part of your plan”.

Boyd, who is a grandmother, had committed similar offending in the past, the judge said.

“You get lonely men who desire female company and you use them to your advantage. You are a high risk of reoffending because you are a fraudster. You enter into relationships with males and rip them off and then you say it’s their fault, not yours.”

A primary reason Judge Phillips did not send Boyd to jail was to ensure she made reparation payments to the victim.

He ordered her to pay $10,000 reparation in instalments of $25 a week, beginning next month.

From the Stuff website

Whats your view?

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